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What Colours Mean What in a Uniform

Did you know that colours create strong emotional feelings, whether you are aware of it or not when designing a uniform image the colour of the textile plays an important role, which is why different industries incline towards specific colours. There are a multitude of colours that one can choose to create an image, but do take into consideration the psychological response to colours alongside the personality of your company to give a better reflection on your company’s image.

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The Reason why Kitchen Staff wear Uniforms

Chefs, like many professionals, wear their uniforms practically every day. A standard Chef uniform consists of a Jacket, Hat, Trousers, Apron and most importantly Slip Resistance shoes. A chef uniform plays a very specific role in protecting the professional from everyday kitchen dangers. 

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Culinary Arts and Study

Defining culinary arts – in which Culinary means “a relation to cooking” – the Art is in the preparation, cooking and of course no meal would be complete without the proper presentation / arrangement of food on a plate.

As in all professions the term or given title to the required staff is known as CHEFS or COOKS,

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The meaning of the pleats in a chef hat & The origin of the cook hat

Did you know that the chef hat known as the Toque dates back to the 16th century? Toque refers to any brimless hat. The different height is an indication of rank within the kitchen. The 100 pleats in the toque hat represents the various ways a Chef can cook an egg. Finally the colour white used for the toque hat symbolizes the cleanliness of the kitchen.

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